La Pasta

La Pasta

Homemade daily at Maestoso

All of our pasta is homemade daily at Maestoso, with ground flours imported directly from our hometown, Rome Italy. Ask to sit at the counter and experience our chefs roll out and cut all of our pasta are made exclusively with free-range eggs, top quality flour, and a lot of love. No additives.

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La Pinsa

La Pinsa

The healthier and tastier version of pizza

La Pinsa Romana is a tradition dating back to ancient Roman times. It is made with a unique mixture of flours that allows for a crispy exterior and a soft and airy interior, giving your mouth a real explosion of textures and flavors. Our Pinsa dough rises for over 100 hours, which minimizes the typically bloated sensation and maximizes your enjoyment of this incredible oval shaped version of pizza. Maestoso is the only Pinseria in all of San Diego County.

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I Passaggi

I Passaggi

Our chef's day-to-day creations

Let us amuse you with our chef's day-to-day creations - Passaggi - from the Italian "to pass by", a term coined by our own Chef Marco Maestoso. Inspired by the ancient Cantonese Dim Sum style of service, the chef and his team will follow Italian cooking techniques and traditions to prove fun and friendly dining experience. Let our chefs spoil you with our Passaggi carts which you will see roaming around the restaurant throughout the entire night. Feel free to choose as many or as little Passaggi as your appetite desires.

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