Our commitment to ethical production and sustainability guides our choice of partners. We collaborate exclusively with factories that are not just known to us personally, but also share our values.

Each partner is carefully selected based on their commitment to providing fair wages, ensuring a safe working environment, and prioritizing sustainability. We celebrate the skilled artisans and visionary manufacturers who help bring our vision to life, embodying our dedication to responsibility, quality, and the environment.


In our commitment to sustainability and ethical craftsmanship, Maestoso handbags are locally produced in Romania, in partnership with a manufacturer boasting over four decades of artisanal excellence. This partnership extends beyond mere supplier relationship, it represents a deep-rooted alliance with like-minded people who align with our vision and actively participate in our mission. This mission is to create products that are not just durable and timeless but also reflective of the ethical and environmental values we cherish.

By deliberately selecting to work only with those who share our dedication to sustainability and ethical practices, we ensure that every link in our supply chain is aligned with our goal to nurture the planet.

Our approach includes consciously limiting our production volumes. This decision is pivotal in tackling over-production and minimizing waste, ensuring that each Maestoso piece is not just exclusive but also a testament to our commitment to environmental responsability. Through this thoughtful production strategy, we guarantee that every Maestoso piece is a symbol of exclusivity and eco-conscious craftsmanship, embodying the essence of what luxury should stand for.


Maestoso’s collection of pure silk scarves is a testament to the art of Italian craftsmanship, entirely handcrafted by one of Italy's most prestigious textile companies. With a rich legacy that traces back to 1945 in Como, a renowned district celebrated for its premium fabrics, our partner stands at the forefront of fabric printing, recognized globally for their unparalleled quality.

Crafted from organic silk, each scarf embodies the pinnacle of sustainable luxury. This organic silk is cultivated without any chemical treatments, including insecticides, pesticides, or synthetic fertilizers. In their commitment to ethical practices, the silkworms are nurtured in a natural environment, allowing them to complete their life cycle peacefully and without harm.

We take immense pride in the fact that our scarves are certified by the Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS), the most rigorous benchmark for sustainable production in the textile industry. This certification assures that every Maestoso scarf is ethically sourced, processed, and manufactured with the utmost respect for the environment, from the silk farms to your wardrobe.


Our jewelry manufacturer, based in Hong Kong, stands as a beacon of sustainability and ethical craftsmanship in the global market. We have forged an exclusive partnership with a supplier whose dedication to environmental stewardship and ethical practices sets them apart in the jewelry industry.

Our collection exclusively features recycled metals, including premium silver and 18-karat gold, reflecting our unwavering commitment to reducing our ecological footprint and fostering a circular economy.

They are members of the Responsible Jewelry Council and they they distinguish themselves as one of the select few in the jewelry industry to have completed the Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit (SMETA), the most widely recognized social audit globally.

These accomplishments speak volumes about our supplier's dedication to sustainability, maintaining ethical business practices and human rights.

In a stride towards minimizing environmental impact, we use biodegradable d2w Technology for our packaging, ensuring it leaves no toxic residues or microplastics after decomposing. This approach not only showcases our dedication to sustainability but also sets a new standard in the jewelry industry for environmental responsibility and ethical sourcing.


We are committed to reducing our environmental footprint, starting with our packaging. In a world where plastic pollution is a pressing issue, we've taken significant steps to not only minimize our use of plastics but to champion recyclability across all aspects of our packaging. Our journey towards sustainability is evident in our choice of materials - from the tissue paper that cradles our products to the sturdy outer cartons that transport them, and even the personalized customer notes enclosed within, every element is designed with the environment in mind. Each piece is fully recyclable, embodying our vision for a greener future.

Our dedication to eco-friendly practices extends to our jewelry collection. In an industry-first move, we have embraced the innovative d2w Technology for our jewelry packaging. This groundbreaking approach ensures that our packaging is not just biodegradable but also decomposes without leaving behind any toxic residues or microplastics. By setting this new standard, we aim to redefine what it means to be environmentally responsible in the jewelry sector, prioritizing both ethical sourcing and the preservation of our planet.

We believe that sustainability is a shared journey. That's why we've aligned with leading partners across Europe who are at the forefront of developing sustainable alternatives to disposable plastic packaging. These collaborations keep us at the cutting edge of the industry, constantly exploring new materials and methodologies that align with our eco-conscious ethos. Together, we are not just dreaming of a global ecosystem where everything finds a new purpose and nothing becomes waste - we are actively creating it.