Combining a fusion of meticulous geometric sillhouettes influenced by architecture and sculptural forms with thoughtful design and artisan craftmanship, Maestoso creates long-lasting investment pieces that are at once distinctive and timeless.

Our collections embrace a less-but-better philosophy with the brand’s signature code of sculptural minimalism and pursue a subtle approach to luxury to create contemporary designs that can almost pass for works of art.

Maestoso speaks to a classic movement that vibrates continuously, without ever being limited or controlled by seasons. It embraces a way of life that cherises quality and oposses mass-consumption.

Defined by timelessness with an architectural edge. These are the building blocks that strengthen the foundation of your wardrobe with pieces to be loved now and treasured for years to come.


With an instinctive appreciation for visual artistry from an early age, Claudia Tecuceanu, our founder and visionary, was imbued with an instinctive appreciation for visual artistry from an early age, nurtured by her parents' devotion to design and craftsmanship. This foundational love affair with the tactile and the beautiful naturally led her to study architecture at the the University of Architecture and Urbanism in Bucharest. The six-year journey not only refined her skills but also deeply influenced her philosophical approach to design and the arts.

With a strong perspective, distinguished taste and a passion for the craftsmanship of quality, timeless and exquisite objects, she transitioned from architecture to small-scale design and created Maestoso, as a testament to the power of simple lines and enduring design.

Inspired by a myriad of influences, from sculpture and photography to modernist furniture and history, Claudia has cultivated an eclectic inner world. She is as uncompromising about design that is resolutely sustainable, ethical and kind as she is dedicated to honoring the individuality of the refined woman.

"My aspiration is for women who wear our designs to feel comfortable, conscious, and strong, all guided by a philosophy of minimalist sophistication. It is an invitation to embrace an uncompromised attitude of elegance and confidence, all while honoring the principles of ethical fashion." – Claudia Tecuceanu, Creative Director.


The focus is on traditional craftsmanship in balance with innovative influences, where every item is a testament to the exceptional quality and artistry that Maestoso stands for.

We create not just beautiful designs, but heirlooms for the modern era, pieces conceived to be cherished, collected and carried through the years.

In our dedication to craftsmanship, we never compromise on quality. Our materials, ranging from premium Italian leather to the finest silk and responsibly sourced metals for our jewelry, are selected with the utmost care and respect for the environment. Our production, rooted firmly in Europe, upholds the highest standards of ethical practices, ensuring fair working conditions, safety, and adherence to strict environmental regulations.

By consciously limiting our production volumes, we address over-production and minimize waste, ensuring that each Maestoso piece is both exclusive and environmentally considerate.

In a world where the pace of production often overshadows the value of creation, we treasure the artisanal processes and the hands that make them possible, inviting you to join us in celebrating a legacy of luxury that is both timeless and conscious.